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Our son was almost killed on our mower that we had just purchased 2 weeks before his wreck. he was on way to his sisters house just out the road from us and the mower jumped out of gear and when he tried to stop the brakes did not work.

the mower flipped with him and busted his head open, it was a little over 7 inches long and about 2 inches wide, you could see his skull. he was tore up from that and going through a barb wire fence and electric fence. we know of about 5 other people who are having or have had the same problems that we have had.

I am enclosing a picture of his head and body. we are very lucky to have our son with us today, and I don't want to see another family go through what we have been through.

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I use a Troy Bilt Bronco and honestly this scares me. The way my mower is configured, it cannot really pop out of gear because it is a single speed, however, the brakes failing is scary.

If this every happens again he needs to not panic and turn off the ignition.

The engine will stop and either stop the tractor if it popped back into gear or he can steer the tractor off the road and let it roll to a stop. I am glad to hear he is okay and I will be doing a full inspection of my brakes because my tractor has to stop me and a trailer with loads up to 500 pounds.


Lawn mowers aren't street legal. I'm sorry your son was hurt, but he was not using the mower for its intended purpose.

Lawn mowers are not cars and should not be used to go "down the street". Maybe you should buy him a bike.

to Anonymous Castlewood, Virginia, United States #1025265

we live out in the country on a back road it is no different than tractors or 4 wheelers. this is not the only mower like ours that have had the same problems we know of about 5 others that have the same exact problems.

all I want is for others to be made aware of these problems and they get fixed before someone does get killed on them. there was a lady just yesterday about and hour away from here was mowing her yard and it flipped with her and did kill her.

so I guess you will say well she shouldn't have been on the mower. we live in the country and around here husbands, wives, kids all pitch in and do what is needed.

to Anonymous #1399378

It doesn't matter where the tractor was being drive, it could have done this on the property mowing the lawn too. The fact of the matter is that it popped out of gear and the brakes failed.

Who give a s*** where it was. And I use my Troy Bilt Bronco with a slow moving vehicle sign in my community and the security doesn't care and we have the same laws as a public road.


yeah right there is the problem you let a 15 year old drive it. I don't care how "responsible" you think your boy is he's a child and shouldn't have been on what is close to a low end auto.

were you riding with him when this happened? I doubt it so how do you know he wasn't gunning it and hit something and flipped it and now is trying to blame it on the machine to get out of trouble for destroying it ?

to Anonymous Castlewood, Virginia, United States #1025205

to start with there was people that saw what happened and he wasn't gunning it. and it is no different than kids living on farms and driving tractors and stuff. we know our son and how he is we have brought our kids up to always tell the truth and respect stuff like this, so don't judge us or our son.

to Anonymous #1025222

like you never drove anything at all at the age of 15

to Anonymous #1399386

Do you realize how fast a tractor can go? This one can go about 5.5 mph.

You would have to hit something pretty big at 5 mph to flip it. How about you let her post do what it was intended to do and to warn people of the malfunctions these tractors have.

Put yourself in her shoes. And if 16 year olds can drive full size automobiles then I am pretty confident that a 15 year old can handle a 5 mph tractor.


was he riding on the mower?

to Anonymous Dillwyn, Virginia, United States #1024565

yes he was riding the mower he is 15 years old and is a very responsible boy. he was driving it when all this happened.

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